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Loads of new games at Bet365 Bingo

Enjoy a Lucky 7 Jackpot (there is £3,000 in jackpots every day from 27 February until 4 March), a £125,000 Party Night, Leap Year Party (on 29 February of course) worth £29,000 in guaranteed prizes, a £1,000 Premier Party, Free Bet Mondays, VIP Bingo Cashback and VIP Slots Cashback, Friday Night Fever, and of course, the well known £10,000 jackpot Wednesdays – almost too much happening at Bet365 Bingo!

Dealing with the Leap Year Party first, this is your chance to celebrate this rare occurrence in style. There’s £29,000 of course in guaranteed prizes up for grabs on 29th February – ensure that you celebrate this year’s extra day by playing (and hopefully winning) some big money bingo at Bet365 Bingo.

Simply log onto Bet365 and go through into the Island Hopper Room – with the massive range of big money bingo games happening and that £29,000 up for grabs this is one Leap Year Party that’s going to be jumping.

There’s also going to be some extra special games set for this night, including 1TG/2TG games, BOGOF Bingo and the Last Chance Saloon – something for every bingohead is guaranteed!

Buy now for the prizes ranging from £200 right through to £550 per game. To be on the ball make sure you’re at Bet365 Bingo by 6pm.

There’s one guest list you should get on and that is the £1,000 Premier Party –its held every night, from Monday to Friday, of each week. Due to demand the £1,000 Premier Party game and prize-pool is here to stay. Its your chance to enjoy 10 spectacular party games worth a whopping £1,000 every evening.

How do you get your invite? Easy enough, spend £5, or more, on bingo tickets on any promotional day and you will get your invite to attend the following evening’s Premier Party at Bet365.

The games tickets for Premier Party games are only 1p for games worth £100. Also some 1TG pots as well. The 1TG pots are worth £25.

As for Cashback benefits (both bingo and slots) – each Thursday you can gain up to £25 cashback to play even more bingo. So, it might be a good idea if you make Thursday your special day to play in this VIP Bingo Cashback promotion at Bet365 Bingo.

With regards to the VIP Slots Cashback – enjoy some extra spins on Bet365. Just take your pick from the superb selection of slots in the ‘Our Games’ section on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. If you don’t win Bet365 will give you up to 25% back.

Maybe you’ll even find a new favourite?

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