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Are you Ready for this Friday at 888 Ladies Bingo?

Win up to £50,000 for just £1 (at 10pm) each Friday evening. You can win up to £10,000 for 50p as well! Win up to £20,000 for 50p (888 Bingo’s great £20,000 Sliding Game) this one takes place each Saturday evening at 10pm! Also great Daily £40 jackpots for a tiny 2p per game, 7 days per week.

Treat yourself to those 75 & 90 Progressive Games – just bingo on the Champagne pattern.

There’s always those excellent Weekend Games too, always something with the fab 888 Ladies Bingo weekend specials. Don’t bypass the £3,000 Easter Basket or the Supermarket Vouchers either!

Try some of those more £’s, extra dosh, games with both the weekday and weekend promotions. They put more £’s in your wallet or purse. Something every single day of the week with 888 Ladies Bingo.

Choose between The Great 888, Super Cinders, Instant Gratification and not to miss, Play It Again Sam – with this one each week, the top 12 players who wagered the most on bingo and instant games combined win a share of £156 bonus funds.

With Super Cinders each week the top 9 bingo players, who bingoed the most on the glass slipper pattern win a share of a massive 45,000 jps.

But you can play Make Some Noise, every weekend, as with that one the top 3 players who actually bingoed the most on the noisemaker pattern, win a share of £60 worth of vouchers from Amazon.

With the £3K Easter Basket, you can hop to the shops with up to £3,000 worth of Supermarket Vouchers for free. Be sure to play this game at 9pm on 8 April – be ready!

888 Ladies Bingo is still in the midst of real jackpot mania. It’s a real cash splash. Monday boasts a number of guaranteed jackpots as well as coverall jackpots – ranging from £100 to £300 to £500 all the way up to £1,000 with the big one at 10pm being worth £5,000!

Tuesday sees more big guaranteed and coverall jackpots as does Wednesday, with the addition on Wednesday of the big new 5 round, £888 guaranteed jackpot games. You can spoil yourself with a share of the £888 guaranteed jackpot games. Be sure to check out these grand new 5 round games with cards costing as little as 25p each! You have 5 chances to win too.

If you cant make the game times, remember always that you can pre-buy!

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