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90 Days of Summer Mecca Sizzle

Exciting news from Mecca Bingo – you could win a share of £2.5 Million! Enjoy the 90 Days of Summer Mecca Sizzle! It’s a real sizzler too! Of course a very big promo involves the Big X-Factor Bingo (exclusive to Mecca) – where there’s more chances to win.

Choose your category and win with X-Factor Bingo! As well as the normal 1 Line, 2 Line and Full House prizes you get in a 90 Ball Bingo game, with X-Factor you can also win a share of the progressive jackpot – ie the X Factor Feature Prize!

Choose your category when you enter the game. While the game is actually in play, each ball will count as a vote for one of the categories (except ball numbers 1 and 90). Naturally, the category with the most votes at the end will be the winner – and if you happen to have chosen the winning category you get to win a share of the X-Factor Feature Prize!

There’s more though – as from time to time Mecca Bingo will be scheduling The X-Factor Xtra Card Scratchcard game – these games actually have an ‘X’ in the Feature column in the schedule please note. Now please note – if you bought at least 6 tickets and didn’t win the feature or a bingo prize, you qualify for a free scratchcard at the end of the game.

Just think by that happening you could end up with more than the game winner!

Log on and check out the X Factor Bingo details to make sure you’re on the right path to being a winner.

Wondering when your fave or new bingo games are actually starting at Mecca Bingo, well simply log on and check out the details on the Home Page – there’s continually rolling details of the games, including game name, game type, price, prize and when its actually scheduled to commence!

It’s A Real Sizzler – that’s the very special 90 Days of Summer promotion at Mecca Bingo – happening over June, July & August! Lots of special summer prizes, helping to mark not only the Queen’s Jubilee, but also Euro 2012 and the London 2012 Olympics.

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