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Many Great Jackpots now at Jackpotjoy

£318,400, £164,922, £165,000, £94,067, £56,688, £16,000 – what do these amounts represent? Just some of the many great jackpots available, and waiting for you, at JackPotJoy Bingo.

Great games – in addition to great bingo games too – such as Wonderland, Double Bubble, Peggle, Valley of the Kings, Jungle Jump, Roulette Splendide, Bingo Royale, Nuts & Bolts Etc Etc!

Maybe you will end up winning that wonderful Wonderland Progressive Jackpot – currently standing at around £165K but growing all the time. Just imagine how many extra bingo games that would cover?

Anyway, you can also earn an extra 500 Joy Points with Bingo Bonus Games this month. Check it out. There’s an extra special £13,000 Bingo Special Game on as well.

That is a big time bingo special game – and its called the £13,000 Swinging Bingo Special! To be played on Friday, 29 June, at 9.45pm! This Jungle June some lucky JackPotJoy winners will be swinging away at this very special £13,000 game where the prizes are:

1 Line – £1,000
2 Lines – £2,000
Full House – £10,000

Good idea to buy your tickets now (to ensure you don’t miss out). Simply log onto JackPotJoy and click on the Special Game tab in the bingo lobby. Keep in mind that the room opens its doors half an hour before the Special Game, so make sure you get in early.

Bank a Cash Bonus – now you’ve missed your latest opportunity to earn an extra 500 points but you can be assured that you will get another chance like this one soon, so keep checking in with JackPotJoy Bingo.

5 of the Queen’s (the JackPotJoy Queen of course) curious creatures have been given a massive £500 each to share with anyone (at all) who plays mini games – but you do need to choose which one you wish to share with first!

Sorry another game you missed out on if you’re not a regular watcher of this site – you really do need to stop in every day or so to see what’s happening as they believe in having lots of promotions for their players!

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