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Loads of New Bingo Rooms at Virgin

Just look at all the different Bingo Rooms you can enter and experience different fun at when visiting Virgin Bingo – there’s

  • Marrakesh Bingo (Virgin only)
  • Shanghai Bingo (Virgin only)
  • Necker Island Bingo (network room)
  • Deal or No Deal Bingo (network room)
  • Dond 75 Bingo (network room)
  • Lucky Numbers Bingo (network room)
  • Roof Gardens Bingo (Virgin Only)
  • Ulusaba Bingo (network room)
  • Galactic Bingo (network room)
  • The Lodge Bingo (network room)
  • Joker Jackpot Bingo (network room)

At Virgin Bingo there are a broad variety of game categories – including (of course) bingo, slots, jackpots, scratchcards, Instant Win games, Blackjack, Roulette, Tables etc!

Try out some of the special promotions such as the 1TG Woe, Slota Money or V*Points Bingo while you’re there playing too!

With 1TG Woe, if you have ever missed out on winning the Full House because of that irritating last number you don’t need to completely despair. Because Virgin Bingo are giving you money back if you’re that 1tg in any of their £30 1TG Woe games.

What’s happening in the Marrakesh Promotions Room? Well, when you drop into this much loved room you get treated to some much loved fantastic cash games.

Games such as BOGOF Boost, Even Stevens, Lucky 7s, Cash Climber, Golden Hours, Money Mountain (wads of £50 games with this one), Penny Monday and the Star Game (also £50 prizes here too).

But maybe you might try the Shanghai Room as well, or instead of? You can enjoy the Chinese Takeaway, Prize Night, Hundreds & Thousands, Last Chance Saloon and Golden Hours games there.

Drop in for a Chinese Takeaway (in the Shanghai Rom) between 8 and 9pm for a literal feast of £50 Chinese Take-away games. And if that’s not enough to tempt you to attend, if you cal FH on the same number as the Chinese Dish you get to scoop yourself £200 extra!

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