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Whats on and Happening at Bingo Liner

What’s On? Wondering what and when to play? Well when you want to know what is happening at Bingo Liner its so simple (and quick) to find out where, when and how! Firstly, log onto the site then click the What’s On tab at the top of the page. You’re then taken to all the info you might want and/or need: Bonus Offers, the Bingo Schedule, Free Bingo, Mega Bingo, tourneys and competitions as well as the Refer a Friend offer (where you can earn up to £50 BBs for every friend that you refer).

With Bonus Offers you find out about the free cash that Bingo Liner gives to both newbies and existing players – such as; (a) sign up offer, (b) 300% 1st deposit bonus, (c) reload bonuses and (d) claim a promo!

By using the Bingo Schedule area you can quickly discover what is on (time, where etc) in each room. You find out also about special reload bonuses in silver, gold, platinum and diamond as well as those special 100% Saturdays.

Info is also supplied about Powerballs, VIP Perks and Bonus Cards.

Find out about those Hourly Specials, Pattern Specials and other events such as the Weekend Chat Party Bonus Games – in other words you’re kept fully up to date by accessing the Bingo Schedule at Bingo Liner!

Keep yourself briefed as to what Must Go jackpots are paying each night (at 10pm) through the month. There is at least £500 up for grabs in these games, but on occasion (on Saturday’s) there is more, with £1,000 up for grabs.

Also there has been £250 Freerolls (6 in one evening) played as well. Do keep in mind the fact that when you buy 10 tickets for Mega Bingo that you get another 10 (on top of those first 10) for free! In other words, you get 20 tickets for the price of 10!

Not familiar with some games? Courtesy of Bingo Liner you can preview all their games, just click on the Preview Games tab (again found at the top of the page). Doesn’t matter whether you are considering Bingo, Slots, Casino or Instants – all are previewed and explained!

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