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The Gala Bingo homepage leaves you in no doubt that you will have a fantastic experience here. The sparkling design with its bold colours and twinkling stars draws you in, as does Sharon Osbourne’s smiling face with the words ‘It’s fabulous, play today!’

If you are a fan of Sharon Osbourne, you will adore her special online bingo room. If not don’t worry, you will still love Gala Bingo! This online bingo site is certainly celebrity endorsed – the Gala Bingo brand pulls in celebrities each month to visit the online bingo chat rooms, which have included Kym Marsh, Jeff Brazier and Nancy Sorrell.

Gala Bingo is massive. The Gala Coral Group has 175 clubs around the country with over five million members! Therefore it will come as no surprise that their online bingo site is also huge with lots of different bingo halls, extra games, and thousands of members – plus fantastic payouts. They even have a TV channel! Gala TV is on Sky Digital 841 and is just as bright and friendly as the website.

Gala Bingo is a highly professional, user-friendly online bingo site. Despite the size and huge selection of games and competitions on offer, it is designed so cleverly that it is very easy to navigate. Registration is simple and very secure with no software to download. The minimum deposit is only £5 and once you have played that amount you can claim £20 free! Bingo cards start from as little as zero, so your money goes a long way, and if you win, the jackpots are impressive. As you would expect, there is lots of help and advice available, including a cartoon bingo assistant and a free 24 hour phone line.

Gala Bingo has an overwhelming selection of online bingo rooms, each of which has its own bright design, atmosphere and customisation options. Each bingo room offers a varied and exciting array of games and prizes. There are always competitions to win prizes such as holidays and mini cars – and you can see a full list of winners on the site to give you inspiration! Sharon Osbourne’s bingo room is very pink and the balls are called by Sharon herself in her own distinctive style. There is also a great choice of slot machines and numbers games. All reflect the Gala brand with names such as ‘Footballers’ Wags’, ‘Champions League’ and ‘Girls’ Night Out’.

The Gala Bingo chat rooms are extremely fast paced and varied as you would imagine. Some rooms have hundreds of players so the chat moderators are kept very busy – the best thing to do is just jump in, play bingo and have fun!

Gala Bingo is amazing and offers so much more than can be described in this review. Visit it now and without a doubt it will become one of your favourites.

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