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King Jackpot Bingo is packed full of bingo halls, slots, numbers games and other competitions. Themed around King Arthur with bingo rooms such as Jester’s Courtyard, Knight’s Lounge and Royal Banquet, the graphics are stunning and there is always something new to enjoy. This brand new bingo site has become very popular in a relatively short time, and you can see why from the glowing testimonials. You have eight bingo halls to choose from, plus many other games such as slots, video poker, scratchcards and pull tabs.

One of King Jackpot’s best features is the unique design of the bingo halls. They are more interactive than other bingo sites, giving a realistic atmosphere to your game. Once you enter the room you can choose a chair to be seated at the bingo table and buy your cards. You can choose an avatar, change your personality and even change your clothes! If you want to find out which bingo rooms your friends are in, you can do so quickly by clicking ‘View’ and then ‘Visitors’, so there is no need to search every room.

Another key draw to King Jackpot Bingo is the excellent £10 free which you receive upon signing up, so you can spend lots of time exploring the bingo halls and other games before deciding to deposit funds. They also offer a 300% match on your first deposit, and when you refer a friend you receive £10. These offers are more generous than many bingo sites. Registration is quick and easy and there is a comprehensive list of instructions and frequently asked questions including reassuring information on security.

King Jackpot has a massive selection of promotions and tournaments to keep you entertained. Don’t miss out on Sundays as every week there is a £500 cash draw! The more tickets you buy throughout the week, the more chance you have of winning. On Wednesdays you can take part in quiz night, so brush up on your general knowledge for the chance to win £15 between 9pm-10pm. On Thursdays, you receive a generous 50% back on all deposits made. In fact, there is something to enjoy every day of the week with King Jackpot.

As expected, the chat rooms are lively and friendly with lots of chat games where you can win bingo bonus points. There is a real buzz among the chat rooms as this is such a new site. If you like your emotions, there is a great array here.

King Jackpot Bingo is brand new, but is likely to become one of the most popular bingo sites available. New features are being added all the time so jump in now and get playing.

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