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Ladbrokes Bingo is the online bingo site of the high street bookmakers firm Ladbrokes. But, for once, a bookie is giving away money – the minute you deposit £10 Ladbrokes Bingo will give you £50 free bingo money.

The bingo options at Ladbrokes Bingo are simple and it really is easy to find your way around. The Lounge room offers games throughout the day with smaller cash prizes and tickets from as little as 10 pence. The Bedroom offers larger prizes with tickets from as little as 25 pence.

At certain times you can also get bingo tickets for five pence – and even these tickets give you a chance of the 33 ball escalator with a starting jackpot of £5000.

Both The Lounge and The Bedroom have easy to access schedules that let you know what games start when and what the prizes and ticket prices are.

If there is a drawback with Ladbrokes Bingo it is a slight lack of charm – many other online bingo websites have a friendlier feel. But that is more down to the design than anything else – Ladbroke’s has a warm and friendly community of users that will soon have you signing up for chat games.

They’ll also invite you to take part in regular quizzes where you can win a £50 cash prize. And the chat games like Birthday Bingo, Karaoke Queen and Quote Me Silly will have you on the edge of your seat and enhance your online bingo experience.

The site’s news section is a must – you’ll find out about promotions like Big Bingo Thursday and Cheap Tickets Tuesday.

Signing up to play is easy and – with Ladbrokes’ experience of online gambling – payments are safe and secure with your credit or debit card.

A helpline number and an exhaustive frequently asked questions section will give you all the assistance you need to enjoy the Ladbrokes online bingo experience.

Ladbrokes Bingo doesn’t offer all the extras of other online bingo sites. But with generous prizes, a vibrant community and a long list of specials and promotions it will give you an excellent and exciting online bingo experience.

You will now find two new great bingo rooms to play in at Ladbrokes Bingo, “The Attic” and the amazing “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” bingo room, where it is now possible to win one million pounds from playing online bingo with Ladbrokes! This great bingo game is based on the ever popular TV show and you even get Chris Tarrant himself as your bingo caller.

For online bingo that feels like the real thing Ladbrokes Bingo is hard to beat.

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