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Bingo sites are a fun way to meet people online as well as having the opportunity to play for free or a minimal amount of money and come out with a jackpot!
These sites are extremely popular, mainly in the UK. The reason for this popularity is their fast pace and the fact that they offer players a lot of bang for their funds with the opportunity to play lots of tournaments. These games offer cash prizes which may be based on the number of people entered or simply be a set amount. They generally have a lobby area where players are able to socialize and meet other players which has been tremendously popular. By following our tips you will be able to maximize enjoyment and hopefully walk away a winner!

7 Tips for playing bingo online:

  1. Some sites offer free play games prior to joining so gamers are able to ensure the site functions with their computer particularly the graphics. This also allows players to meet others online and ask if they are happy with the site.
  2. Make sure the site is provides 24/7 customer service and that the deposit and withdrawal methods work in your country. Don’t try to join a game which is not intended for where you live as that can void all wins.
  3. Play as many cards as you are skillful enough to cover to up the odds of winning during a single game. These may be charged on a per card basis so don’t go above the number you are able to comfortably play.
  4. Know the game which is being played so that a jackpot isn’t overlooked! While some sites offer traditional games others have variations which are created with different patterns.
  5. Play in a tournament room with the fewest number of players to up the odds of winning.
  6. Play in games with 70+ balls used to determine the winner as this makes it more likely that all the numbers will be drawn.
  7. Bonus balls may be used throughout the tournament, which are worth more if they are covered and the player wins.

Playing on well-known UK bingo sites is an excellent way to play this quick and fun game at home. You can drop in for a couple of quick games while doing a load of laundry or during a cup of coffee during the day as the games run around the clock.

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