What is the Role of the Caller in Bingo Games?

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When playing bingo, there are individuals referred to as callers. A caller plays a very significant role in these games and without them the game can’t be played.

The main responsibility of a caller at bingo games is to announce the numbers on the cards. In order for the caller to do a good job, it is imperative that he or she has a clear voice. It is important that the caller be a person with the ability to make the job interesting by modulating his or her tone. There is no special training required for a person to be deemed qualified for this type of work.

A bingo caller is required to be alert at all times. It is expected of the caller to be a person with the ability to recall the current numbers that have just been called. This will make it easy for the caller to repeat the numbers to any interested player. Moreover, it is required of the caller to verify the winning numbers when a player shouts that he or she has them. This calls for sharpness and confidence from the caller.

The bingo caller cannot perform most of these responsibilities alone. An extra official is required within the hall or room. This is quite important when the caller needs to verify the winning player’s numbers. As the official recites the numbers, the caller checks them against what he called. The caller may also be tasked with the job of awarding prizes that have been won by players while taking part in bingo games.

Each bingo parlor has its own unique sets of regulations that govern how people are to play the game. These rules will most likely help to spell out the process of determining winners and awarding them. At times, more than one player can shout bingo to attract the caller’s attention to the fact that he or she has the winning numbers. The caller is tasked with the job of determining how to proceed when this happens.

Bingo callers are also extremely important while playing online bingo as well. They are the essence of the bingo game and make the game much more exciting and invigorating. Some bingo sites even go the extra mile and hire a celebrity to be their bingo caller. The bingo caller for Big Brother Bingo for example is Brian Dowling, the host of the Big Brother UK show. Being the official online bingo room of the Big Brother show in the UK, they not only have this popular host, but they also give away backstage passes and VIP tickets for the show.

Bingo Appy: Introducing a Fun-Filled Facebook Bingo App

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If you have not already been captivated with this gorgeous Facebook Bingo App, you soon shall. Bingo Appy is the latest Bingo app brought to you by 888 Holdings, the same guys in charge of 888ladies and Wink Bingo. It enables you to play a large variety of instants, minis, featured and scratch card games, alongside everyone’s favourite 90-ball and 75-ball Bingo games.

The interface of this app on Facebook is too attractive to be missed. Endowed with bright, beautiful and enchanting colours and tabs, it is extremely user friendly. A minute into the app and you immediately find your way around and enjoy it. Bingo Appy gives you options to play for free as well as for real money. If you just want to have a go and get a feel of the game, playing for free is great as you also get to win a lot of loyalty points. Nonetheless, playing for money can double or triple up your investments in no time at all!

You get to choose from up to six Bingo tickets. If paying attention to the number called and marking them off your ticket is a hassle, you don’t need to fret. The system marks off your numbers as the caller calls them and lets you know if you’ve won a line or two or simply the full house. You really do not even need to have your eyes down. You can get chatty with your roomies in the chat room and be wary of those special chat games that let you win big along with giving you, your extra dose of fun and excitement.

The overall verdict on Bingo Appy is that is a great way to play your Bingo online, earn quick quid, chat with roomies, have fun and even surf your Facebook newsfeeds. How wonderful to just have money doubled and tripled for doing nothing at all! So take your pick, you never know how big you may tick!

More Chances to Win at Mecca Bingo

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Roll on with more chances to win – log onto Mecca Bingo. X-Factor Bingo is there of course – try it for free – but win real money! Can you break the bank? Try the Bankers Riches slot or Deal or No Deal, possibly while you’re waiting for your bingo game?

You can always count on the updated list of bingo games to start soon which is displayed at the top of the home page with meccabingo – what’s starting and when and how much!

Some of the latest bingo promotions include; the X Factor, January Winners’ Night, late summer fun, win a designer handbag, multi-state bingo and more.

January Winners’ Night – comes with a huge £30k prize fund. This big event comes up on Sunday evening, 16 January and will run from 6pm straight through to midnight! Its to be held in the 90 ball bingo rooms – Gold Rush & Gold Rush Premium. First roll on bingo games. There is going to be a heap of chances to win, including 6 X 1 and 2 to go games, 6 x 1 to go games, 6 x 2 to go games, 12 roll-on games and finally, 6 x last chance saloon games. Don’t miss any of these and you will be a winner!

Also keep in mind that Mecca Bingo offers free bingo every single day and that they also offer new players a great free newbie bingo room!

Note also please that the first week of each month is celebrated as a Marie Curie Cancer Care bingo week – every month 40p of each £1 spent is given to Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Also, worth keeping in mind is that the BOGOF 75 ball promotion has now been extended once again – every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9 hours of BOGOF is run with some fab £50 jackpots up for grabs.

£8,000 worth of those great daily bingo jackpots too with Bingo Linx – every single day of every single week at Mecca! And pass onto friends the news about the wonderful £50 free play bonus offer as well – waiting for them at Mecca Bingo!

Have some winter fun – all through January. Mecca are giving you more chances to win big all through this month, with promos such as ‘Royal money’, ‘cash back week’ and ‘Da Vinci Diamond slot tourney’!

Click, Click, Win, Win

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Untitled1Since the introduction of the internet it has had a radical effect on almost everything in the modern world. It has become the hub of news, information and entertainment; transferring traditional aspect of life onto the web. Arguably an area that has seen the most dramatic change and increase in popularity is the betting and gambling industry, in particular online bingo.

Internet bingo has seen a phenomenal rise in numbers in the past few years, increasing from 50,000 in 2008 up to 3 million players in 2012. The more people who play means that prize money will in turn go up as well, but that obviously is not to say that your chances of winning are improved of course!

Playing bingo online has an almost immeasurable amount of pluses though. Players are rewarded with a range of perks such as vouchers for free bingo games. Many online companies, depending on how regularly you play, offer escalating values of free gaming, meaning you can still win with a free game!

It’s not just bingo that is available on these websites however. Many companies such as Paddy Power offer a varied service, branching out into other types of games and gambling so as to offer customers a much wider choice, perhaps giving them a practical edge of traditional land-based bingo. A big advantage online gaming has over regular bingo is the price and regularity of it. There are virtual “bingo rooms” that are always ticking away and open for users to enter whenever they wish for mere pennies. Tickets to games average at around 15 to 20 pence with prize winnings for such games ranging from £12 to £250; well worth splashing your coppers out for.

The thought that simply at a few clicks of your mouse, on your laptop, computer or even mobile at home or even sitting where you are right now could result in you winning some big bucks. Forget throwing your coat on and slumming it across town on the bus. You could win or even just have some good fun without (barely at least) lifting a finger.