Its Royal and Joyous at Game Village Bingo

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This month’s feature promotions at Game Village Bingo truly have a royal and joyous theme and a winning one too: there’s Cherry Jubilee, Royal Wedding, The Orb, 60 Glorious Years, Crown Jewels, Jubilee Coach, Royal Flush, Windsor, Royal Succession and others.

With 60 Glorious Years if you call house on the 60th Ball in the 90 Ball Bingo room you enter a prize draw to win one of five £50 prizes at the end of the month! With Crown Jewels for instance, win a Village Inn game on any diamond pattern, rubies pattern or emeralds pattern and you’ll score another £10.

But if you call on the Palace pattern as well as the three jewels and you’ll receive an additional £50!

A biggy this month is the Cherry Jubilee promotion at Game Village. When you play Wild Cherries this month you could very well end up winning a share of over £15,000 – there is a £2,000 weekly tournament running from each Saturday until the following Friday. But there’s more to this promo – so log in and grab the details from Game Village Bingo if you’re interested!

Game Village Bingo being what it is, does have additional promotions and offers as well. There is Royal Telegram, Diamond Chips, Share the Win, Lucky Number, Bargain Bingo, Villager of the Month, Queen/King of the Castle and Bingo Radio 10 at 10 as well as Let’s Play Darts!

So much variety, quality and quantity at Game Village Bingo.

Ensure that you experience the full benefit of playing at Game Village by checking out the forum for full details on all their Free and great value promotions and games. Keep in mind as well that at this site you can not only play for Free but win real cash while doing so.

It only takes a few moments to join Game Village Bingo – its certainly not time consuming. You can register for a free 30 day trial or start right in by making a deposit – the choice is all yours!

Betfred Bingo’s Latest Incredible Giveaway

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£2.5 Million Jackpot Giveaway – be sure to be part of Betfred Bingo’s latest incredible giveaway – the £2.5 million jackpot bonanza! Every single week now (up to the 1 July) you can actually qualify for a free prize draw for a hunk of this fantastic fortune.

And its very simple to qualify too for this great chance at Betfred Bingo!

All you need to do is to stake £10 or more on any of the chosen games on the selected dates – it’s the best way possible to have a bingo break and try some of the great slots out – including Castle Cashalot (with those lucrative exploding reels) and Knights of Camelot theme. As well as the mighty Thors Thunder with that massive 10,000/1 top payout. Or possibly Snow Queen with its magical £10,000 bonus – but so much more – so keep your eyes open and build up that bingo account balance by utilising the £2.5 Million Jackpot Giveaway!

Free Bingo – log into the Live Chat rooms at Betfred Bingo during each England and Ireland Euro 2012 group game – and if a goal is scored the first player to shout Goal will be awarded £10. They also have £10 up for grabs for the first player to shout out Card each time a player gets booked or sent off!

On top of all that though, Betfred Bingo is also offering you Super Free Bingo worth £200 for two hours before, and after, every England and Ireland Group Sage game in the Champions Room.

So, whether England and Ireland go all the way in Poland and the Ukraine or not, you could still end up a winner with the cracking Euro 2012 specials at!

Be lucky with Lucky Monday Bingo also –stake £10 or more on our Lucky Numbers Bingo on either a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, and you’ll get free access to the Bonus King Room each Monday.

You see between 8pm and 9.30pm the Bonus King Room hosts the Super Free Bingo sessions where you could very well win yourself an additional free £10 bonus! Check this one out.

A £20 Free Gift from King Jackpot

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An excellent offer from King Jackpot Bingo – Free on just Sign-up £20 (to play bingo and/or slots) . No deposit or credit card required to qualify either. Use this great £20 gift to try things out now at King Jackpot!

Log on and check out the number of bonus offers – be it the Sign-up Offer, the First Deposit Bonus, the Reload Bonuses or to Claim a Promo. Enjoy the Free Bingo, the Mega Bingo and for sure, sample the variety of both tourneys and/or competitions. Refer your friends and score a great surprise.

Want to know when, where and how etc – well check out the Bingo Schedule (the tab is on the left hand side of the page). There are a number of rooms to play in – the Knight’s Lounge, Queen’s Place, Royal Chambers and the Free Bingo rooms. Great variety and diversity for play.

Check out each room, and click on your favourite day or days you like to play. For example, you like to play on Thursday of each week – in the Knight’s Lounge there’s heaps of Hourly Specials and Pattern Specials, there’s VIP Perks and Bonus Cards from very early in the morning until Midnight.

In the Queen’s Palace there’s more of an emphasis on Hourly Specials such as Even Stevens, the 10p Event, the Full House Special with a minimum guaranteed prize and a lot more. Its best to log on and get the full details yourself.

Join in with other folks in the Mega Bingo room each (and every) night for a truly great guaranteed payout game. The prize could be £250 (freecalls too), £500 or £1,000!

All games (apart from Freecalls) start at 10pm. That £500 absolutely Must Go as must the £1,000 prize when those games are played.

A very important factor to keep in mind with Mega Bingo is the point that when you buy 10 cards you get another 10 for Free. Simply put, you pay for 10 and play with 20. Which means the tickets end up half-price!

90 Days of Summer Mecca Sizzle

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Exciting news from Mecca Bingo – you could win a share of £2.5 Million! Enjoy the 90 Days of Summer Mecca Sizzle! It’s a real sizzler too! Of course a very big promo involves the Big X-Factor Bingo (exclusive to Mecca) – where there’s more chances to win.

Choose your category and win with X-Factor Bingo! As well as the normal 1 Line, 2 Line and Full House prizes you get in a 90 Ball Bingo game, with X-Factor you can also win a share of the progressive jackpot – ie the X Factor Feature Prize!

Choose your category when you enter the game. While the game is actually in play, each ball will count as a vote for one of the categories (except ball numbers 1 and 90). Naturally, the category with the most votes at the end will be the winner – and if you happen to have chosen the winning category you get to win a share of the X-Factor Feature Prize!

There’s more though – as from time to time Mecca Bingo will be scheduling The X-Factor Xtra Card Scratchcard game – these games actually have an ‘X’ in the Feature column in the schedule please note. Now please note – if you bought at least 6 tickets and didn’t win the feature or a bingo prize, you qualify for a free scratchcard at the end of the game.

Just think by that happening you could end up with more than the game winner!

Log on and check out the X Factor Bingo details to make sure you’re on the right path to being a winner.

Wondering when your fave or new bingo games are actually starting at Mecca Bingo, well simply log on and check out the details on the Home Page – there’s continually rolling details of the games, including game name, game type, price, prize and when its actually scheduled to commence!

It’s A Real Sizzler – that’s the very special 90 Days of Summer promotion at Mecca Bingo – happening over June, July & August! Lots of special summer prizes, helping to mark not only the Queen’s Jubilee, but also Euro 2012 and the London 2012 Olympics.